"incontri" in English

These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. Search for more words in the German-English dictionary. Dictionary Conjugation Phrases Games More by bab. EN to run across to meet up with to meet with. EN to encounter to come incontri verb. EN meeting game match confluence convergence fusion encounter meet. It was agreed that such meetings should be pursued in the future. From here, the more severely wounded are transported back to Germany, where they meet up trans per donna incontri their families for the first time. The Church had to meet people of various religions and incontri verb. Cities are the place where we're most likely to encounter diversity and to mix with other people. They're preparing themselves for the kind of world they will encounter on the other side of the womb. I have not come across a single employer who supports this. RO Today and tomorrow, you will come across in our building some young students from the Republic of Moldova. Each Visitator had the opportunity to meet personally with the Minister General.

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Incontri verb

Here is a conjugation table for the Italian verb incontrarsi. Incontrarsi: to meet up (with), run into each other; agree, think alike; play (sports). Italian verb incontrare conjugated in all tenses in table format. The verb incontrare means: to meet, to encounter, to play. Learn how to conjugate it. Nov 24,  · Italian: ·(transitive) to meet, come across, bump into, run into, find, encounter Synonyms: imbattersi, trovare· (transitive, sports) to play, fight. incontri m. plural of incontro; Verb. incontri. second-person singular present indicative of incontrare; first-person singular present subjunctive of incontrare; second-person singular present subjunctive of incontrare; third-person singular present subjunctive of incontrare;.

Incontri verb